At Well Street we have a number of housegroups for young people. They are great environments to make good friendships, spend time reading the Bible together and praying for each other.

Younger House Group

Where? Well Street United Church 

When? Wednesday (term time) 7.00-8.30pm

What? A typical night at house group starts with opening worship, a few games then chips! You then have a choice -

Option 1 - This option lets your go upstairs and play games, do craft and other energetic things.

Option 2 - This option allows your to stay downstairs and complete a short, fun, interactive bible study

After that we all come together to pray and for some closing worship.

Please find a copy of the Youth House Group Contract, we ask all young people to agree to and sign this.

Older Girls – Meets Wednesdays at Stowe

This house group was designed speficically for girls ages year 10+ and is organised by one of our Elders Debs Last. For more information about this group please contact her.


We hope to have an older boys house group running again from the new year.


If this is something you would be interested in, either leading or being part of a housegroup then please contact our Youth Worker

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