Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

These are small groups of 5-12 or so, where we do life together.  Most happen in homes in the area.  We meet to share friendship, to encourage one another in the Christian faith, to learn from the Bible and to pray.  Life Groups will usually have periodic social activites too.  We enourage you to join one.  Just and ask and we will put you in touch.

New Life Group to be started in November 2016 in Lace Hill area please do contact Church Office

If you would like to know more about Life Groups at Well Street United Church please contact the Church Office

Tel: 01280 817560    email:




The Servant Songs

For the next four weeks, our Sunday sermons will be based upon the Servant Songs found in Isaiah.  There are four that we will unpack.

The big question is ‘Who is the servant?’  It could be Isaiah bringing the Lord’s words about himself.  It could be a way of talking about Israel, the people of God.  But as we explore the Servant Songs, we will see that the songs say much about one who was yet come.  His name is Jesus!

Click on the date for Life Group Notes

Sunday 19th March                  ‘Chosen One’               Isaiah 42:1-9                       Chris George


Sunday 26th March                  ‘Promised One’           Isaiah 49:1-7                         Tim Edworthy


Sunday 2nd April                      ‘Obedient One’           Isaiah 50:4-9                          Tim Edworthy


Sunday 9th April                       ‘Sacrificial One’          Isaiah 52:13-53:12                 Tim Edworthy