Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

These are small groups of 5-12 or so, where we do life together.  Most happen in homes in the area.  We meet to share friendship, to encourage one another in the Christian faith, to learn from the Bible and to pray.  Life Groups will usually have periodic social activites too.  We enourage you to join one.  Just and ask and we will put you in touch.


If you would like to know more about Life Groups at Well Street United Church please contact the Church Office

Tel: 01280 817560    email:

'Back to School' - Lessons in essentials of the Kingdom

26th November   Lessons in Humility Luke 14:1-14  Mike Ennis

19th November    Lessons in Language  Luke 12:18-21  Tim Edworthy

12th November     Lessons in Courage Luke 11:35-12:12      John Boxwell

5th November        Lessons in Money  Luke 12:13-34   Tim Edworthy

22nd October      Lesson in Scripture    Luke 11:14-36              Tim Edworthy

15th October       A Lesson in Prayer       Luke 10:38-11:13         Richard Marshall

8th October         A Lesson in Love           Luke 10:25-37              Tim Edworthy

1st October          Back to School              Luke 10:1-24               Jenny Boxwell