Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

These are small groups of 5-12 or so, where we do life together.  Most happen in homes in the area.  We meet to share friendship, to encourage one another in the Christian faith, to learn from the Bible and to pray.  Life Groups will usually have periodic social activites too.  We enourage you to join one.  Just and ask and we will put you in touch.


If you would like to know more about Life Groups at Well Street United Church please contact the Church Office

Tel: 01280 817560    email:


Fruitfulness on the Frontline Sermon Series for January and February ‘How can we be fruitful on our frontlines? How can we show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people we meet out in the places we usually find ourselves - at the shops or the gym, at work or at the schoolgate? This liberating resource offers a fresh, simple framework for discovering a rich variety of ways in which God may work in and through us right where we are. Combining biblical teaching from Mark Greene, and a downloadable discussion guide, the 8 sessions will help you and your [Life] group see how you can make a difference on your frontlines and support one another along the way.’ If you are not part of a Life Group we would encourage you to join one. Our Life Groups meet during the week and a list is available on the Welcome Desk. Please do speak to Tim or Wendy Edworthy if you would like to be part of a group and like more information.