Gawcott Chapel, Main Street, Gawcott, MK18 4HL

The Village Methodist Movement in Gawcott started out in a cottage on Main Street before moving to the present building in 1868. The Sunday School was in existence in the early days and children’s work has continued successfully to the present day.

The Chapel has recently been modernised and improved: a new porch provides disabled access and there is an improved kitchen, hall, chairs and disabled toilet.
We meet every Sunday evening at 6.00pm during the summer and at 3.00pm during the winter.
Once a month Irene and Judith hold an event called GiG (which stands for God in Gawcott) where up to 40 children aged 4 – 11 attend on a Sunday morning. Set around a Biblical theme or story, the children have the opportunity to play games, sing, do something creative and eat!!
Anyone interested in knowing more about GiG (2nd Sunday at 11am - 1pm) can contact Irene on 01280 814361 or Judith on 01280 812980.
This is a group for young people aged 11 and over.  They meet on the Wednesday evening before a GiG Sunday.  They have the opportunity to study the theme for GiG in more depth and they usually join us at GiG as helpers.There is always a lot of fun and laughter when this group get together! Time is 7.30pm - 9pm.
Holiday Club
We have held a popular week-long summer Holiday Club for youngsters for many years, which is always well attended. It is run on the same lines as GiG and we have some willing volunteers from Well Street who join us which is always good. The highlight of the week is the ‘Play in a Day’, where a play (often a modern interpretation of the Bible story written by Judith) is cast, rehearsed and then performed to parents and friends – all in a day!! Once in costume, the children parade through the village up to the church for the performance. We have been blessed with great support from the families involved.
We usually have a similar special event at Christmas for GiG on a Saturday.
Drop-in cafe 
We have a monthly coffee afternoon (second Friday in the month from 2.00-4.00pm) where we serve teas, coffees, toasted tea-cakes and puddings. Sometimes a Traidcraft stall is available and a bring-and-buy table.
Ecumenical work
The chapel and Holy Trinity church in Gawcott support one other in the work that is going on.
Parent and Toddler Group
We have a thriving parent and toddler group who meet at the Chapel on a Tuesday afternoon. 

For further information about Gawcott Chapel please contact Irene on 01280 814361.

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