Mission of the Month

                        Mission of the Month - April 2017

                                           Youth for Christ

              ‘Taking Good News relevantly to every person in Britain’

The first full time worker for Youth for Christ was Billy Graham.  In the past 70 years the vision has      stayed the same but the methods have changed.

In the Uk there are 70 local ministries—no 2 are the same.  Together with the local church they reach out to the needs in their community.  The teams run youth clubs, support church youth clubs, go into schools (Christian Unions, assemblies and RE lessons), prison work or out on the streets etc.

Joanna Edworthy, a member of Well Street United Church,  is currently a Gap year Student working a volunteer on Youth for Christ’s.  Joanna is based at YFC Trafford and  is involved in schools work, youth clubs, and meeting with youth on the streets.

For more information about YFC visit their website: https://yfc.uk/