Meet some of us












Tim Edworthy


In September 2014 Tim started his ministry at Well Street United Church.

Tim grew up in Lowestoft and on leaving college went to work for Lloyds Bank.  He then worked for Nationwide andthe Leeds and Holbeck Building Societies.

In 1993 Tim went to Regents Park College, Oxford to train as a Baptist Minister.

He is married to Wendy and they have 2 grown up daughters.

Tim enjoys golf, cycling and walking with Wendy.  In 2019, he walked the Camino de Santiago on the Route Frances.

Wendy Edworthy

Church Administrator

Wendy grew up in Hayes,Middlesex.  She made a committment to Christ at the age of 10 and was baptised at 17 years old. 

Wendy is our Church Administrator looking after the day to day running of our church. 








Geoff Morris

Church Treasurer and Elder

Geoff made a commitment to Christ at the age of 17, and was baptised while at university. 

In November 2017 Geoff was appointed as an Elder and also Church Treasurer.  This is his second term as treasurer (with a break inbetween)

Katy Morris

Lay Pastoral Care Worker

Katy and her husband Geoff have been with us since 2007.

They both are valued members of Well Street and Katy assists Tim Edworthy in looking after our three linked Methodist chapels by supporting the various people and groups.

Katy also is the editor for our monthly magazine. 



Jenny Boxwell

Church Elder














Jane Butcher 

Church Elder

Peter and Jane moved to Buckingham, from Sussex in June 2003,  with their three young boys.  They soon found a welcome at Well Street Church for both them and their very boisterous children!  Through the years they have seen changes in venue, times of services and worship style but the basis of being family has remained.  Jane made a commitment as a teenager and has served in various areas of church life, from creche, junior church, coffee rotas and for the last 5 years being Mission Steward.  She is re-joining the eldership having served in this capacity 10 years ago.  Peter and Jane are now semi-retired and plan to get out and about as much as possible.